Quic Cush 'N 2

Model: 47070001

Quic-Cush’n II Hitch offers a huge hookup window. The towbar extends 11 inches and swings 17 inches allowing for easy, one person hookup! Quic- Cush’n II also comes with a 1-year limited warranty on a painted or chrome bumper. (Bumpers sold seperately) Replacing your OEM bumper, the DMI Drop-Center bumper is tough, stylish, and integrates the strength and functionality of the DMI hitch directly into the design. The perfect complement for your hard- working truck.

Quic Cush 'N 2


A Cushioned Ride

The patented Tow Cushion System practically eliminates “Tow Shock”. Great for you and your passengers. Stops and starts are firm and even, no more jerky starts Ideal for Horses or other Livestock, fewer bumps and bruises


Stylish Bumper

The DMI Quic Cush 'N II is our only hitch specially formatted to connect onto the DMI Bumper – This hitch allows you all the same heavy duty abilities, towing capacity, Plus sport an awesome looking Bumper !(Bumpers available in White, Silver, Chrome & Black – click accessories tab)

Chevy Truck

Easy Access Towbar Release Handles

Telescoping tongue and side to side swing handles are very accessible and easy to use for a simple hook up every time!

Quicneasy extended 2



SAE Certification Exceeds Category V
Trailer Tongue Weight Max. 1,800 lbs
Gross Trailer Weight 18,000 lbs
Receiver Type 1" Steel Drawbar
Cushion Traveln 4" forward & 4" backward
Maximum Extension 11"
Maximum Side-to-Side 17"

Model Number: 47070001

Kit Selector


Drop Center Bumpers

Bumpers are available in White, Silver, Chrome & Black.(The valances listed below are not bumpers. They fill in the space between the bumper and tailgate)

Bumperscombined (1)
Truck Model ValancesYearWidthColorPart Number
2500 HD ChevyAll60.25White47078175 while supplies last
2500 HD ChevyAll60.25Silver47078185 while supplies last
2500 HD ChevyAll60.25Stainless Steel47078285
All OthersAll60.25White47078170
All OthersAll60.25Silver47078180
All OthersAll60.25Stainless Steel47078280


Truck ModelTire SizePart Number
All14"-16.5" wheel size, with maximum 7" rim width - Spare Tire Carrier48001000
All Full-SizeUp to 32" Outside Diameter - TireBox48002000HD