Quic 'N Easy

Model: 47070007

Quic ‘n Easy fits under most OEM bumpers and mounts directly to the truck frame, making it secure and durable. Quic ‘n Easy also comes equipped with a 2” x 2” Receiver and accepts a variety of adapters; drawbar, ball step-up or step- down, and pintle hook and weight distribution.

Quic 'N Easy


Easy Connections

The Famous Hook Up Window – Proximity Hitch with a huge 12” side to side swing and will extend up to 7”. One person can hookup any trailer, boat or mobile equipment the first time – without pushing or pulling and the resulting back ache!


A Cushioned Ride

The patented Tow Cushion System practically eliminates “Tow Shock”. Great for you and your passengers. Stops and starts are firm and even, no more jerky starts Ideal for Horses or other Livestock, fewer bumps and bruises


Easy Access Towbar Release Handles

Telescoping tongue and side to side swing handles are very accessible and easy to use for a simple hook up every time!

Quicneasy extended



SAE Certification Exceeds Category IV
Trailer Tongue Weight Max. 1,800 lbs
Gross Trailer Weight 18,000 lbs
Receiver Type 3 Gage Steel Tube
Cushion Traveln 4" forward & 4" backward
Maximum Extension 7"
Maximum Side-to-Side 12"


Kit Selector


Conversion Kits

Conversion kits come with the necessary receiver/towbar and assembly hardware.

OptionModelOptionsFramePart Number
Cush'n Combo to Quic'n EasyAllAllAll47070007C
Quic'n Easy to Cush'n ComboAllAllAll47090001C

Spare Tire Storage

Truck ModelTire SizePart Number
All14"-16.5" wheel size, maximum 7" rim width48001000
All Makes, 8' BoxUp to 32" Outside Diameter48002000HD

Esthetic Option

Dress up the face of the hitch with a stainless steel face plate! Bolts directly to the hitch.

OptionModelOptionsFramePart Number
Stainless Steel Face PlateAllAllAll47082201