Quic 'N Easy #47070007

The original DMI heavy duty tow system.

Quic Cush 'N 2 #47070001

Super heavy duty hitch to address the needs of the work truck.

NOTE: The bumper is optional

Cush 'N Combo #47090001

Offering the style of Quic ‘n Easy and strength
of Quic-Cush’n II


The full range spring package allows for cushioned towing that will not lock up with rust.


The spring “Cush’n” reduces transmission, differential, suspension and frame stress on your truck!


Distributes tow load over larger area for less stress on truck frame.


The spring “Cush’n” allows the hitch to move freely when attaching, making hookup by a single person quick and easy.

Basic Hitch

Mounts easily to your truck frame – designed for full size pickups

Swing and Extension

Towbar extends 7” from frame and swings 12” for quick one-person hookups – no need to accurately position your truck and no more pushing or pulling trailers!

Release Handles

Independent release for swings and extension. Handles are protected within hitch frame. Up to 18,000 lbs. weight carrying and 1,800 lbs. tongue weight (without weight distribution system).

Full-Range Spring Package

Full-cushion springs reduce transmission, differential, brake, suspension and frame stress, taking the “jerk” out of towing.

Modular Steel Frame

3”x3” angle frame adds strength to the towing system – reduces stress on truck frame. Manufactured as part of the hitch frame to provide additional strength.


Lifetime Warranty on Frame